"Personnel Management" Department


The department was established in 1979 to provide economic education for students of 18 engineering specialties: geologists, mining engineers, chemical engineers and civil engineers.

Professor Nagibin Pavel Vasilyevich organized the department and became its first head. In the period from 1979 to 1994, Associate Professor Tekuchev Nikolai Feoktistovich was the head of the department, and since 1994 the department was headed by Associate Professor Rassolov Peter Petrovich. In 1997, the department was divided into two departments: the department of "Economics and organization of mining and construction production" and the department of "Economics and Management of Enterprises" (fuel and mining industries and exploration). The latter enrolled the first students for the economic specialty 06.08.00, specialization 06.08.11 in 1997.

In 1999 the University Council decided to merge both departments. The united department "Economics and organizations of mining, chemical and construction production" was headed by professor Dulin Alexander Nikolaevich.

In 2015 the name of the department was changed to "Management of social and economic systems."

In 2018, the University Council decided to merge the departments "Management of social and economic systems" and "Sociology". The united "Personnel Management" department is headed by Professor Komissarova Maria Anatolyevna.

Head of the Department 

Komissarova Maria Anatolyevna– Professor, Doctor of Economical Sciences,

e-mail: kafedrauses@mail.ru